In between getting out of classes and starting my summer job, I had 6 days of complete freedom. My first spontaneous idea was to buy plane tickets to San Francisco and do some couch surfing. The city by bay– I don’t know what moved me to go visit San Francisco, maybe it was listening to the song Lights by Journey, who knows.

However, I didn’t end up going to San Francisco, it’s not that I wasn’t spontaneous enough, it was more the thought that I would go way over my budget, way way over.

watching a storm from a short distance in Canyonlands close to Moab, Utah

Instead I decided to go on road trip. There were places I wanted to see,  but as far having a schedule well, that went that out the window. The thing with having schedules is that I’m always in a hurry and I hate being tied down, hate it. I feel like schedules just rush people or here’s the word control people’s time, but for this trip no itinerary, just me, my atlas, and the road. I love traveling so much, it’s a huge part of my free spirited character.

Okay, I have 6-days where do I want to go? I had an urge to do some backpacking and trail running. Unfortunately, one important rule in backpacking is plan ahead and prepare. Neither of those two things were conducive to my random spontaneous road trip I had in mind. I had only goals: to see Canyonlands, The Grand Canyons, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. I knew I should try out this couch surfing thing so I set up to couch surf on the last night of my trip in Colorado Springs. Other nights I would just sleep in my car, or camp in the forest.

exploring Canyonlands National Park

One story might summarize the nature of this trip: I was in Tusayan, AZ just south of Grand Canyon National Park. I stood in line waiting for a park pass. Perusing the line I could see I was the only one by standing by myself. I walked up to the counter and a friendly ranger greeted me. He asked me if I was interested in getting an annual National Park pass, good for all the NPs in the US. Great up selling, but sadly had to turn it down. He then went on to show me the map of the park. “Where are you going after this?,” he asked. What do you mean where am I going? I tilted my head, my eyes narrowed, and with a confused look on my face I replied, “ummm, well, like right after this or after I go to the Canyons?” He said with a half smile on his face, “Where are you going when you leave the park?” That’s a great question! The truth was I really didn’t know where the hell I was going. I wanted to answer: ANYWHERE, but I said, “hmmm, well I really don’t know yet? New Mexico, maybe?” He showed me what road I should take to get out of the park, then handed me my park pass. I thanked him and went on my way.

watching the sun go down on the Grand Canyons