Day 3: Flagstaff, AZ

June 14, 2010

6 a.m. rise and shine!  Little did I know how bright the sun would be when I woke up in the morning. Lying comfortably in the shade I got up and before I could fully open my eyes I was quickly blinded by the sun. Falling right back into my sleeping bag, I cursed out loud. I crawled to the front seat staying low and reached for my sunglasses to put them on–much better.

As I got a better look to my surroundings I found myself parked with several semi trucks off on the side of the road. Sleeping on the side the the road: what was an orthodox routine for truckers was an adventure to me. I finally pulled out my map to see that I was just outside a tiny town called Cameron. I wasn’t too far from the Grand Canyons, but first I needed to make a pit stop in Flagstaff.

At that point in my trip I was in need for a shower. My first priority was coffee though. I knew if I could find a coffee shop, I could find someone who knows where some gyms are. Then I could take shower! Perfect plan. The best resources are the locals. When in doubt ask them.

I was half tempted to go to a hotel and wait for someone to check out of their room to use their shower, but luckily I wasn’t that desperate. A friendly barista gave me directions to the Aquaplex. Ahhh the Aquaplex. I paid the $5 guest pass and hit the showers. There’s nothing more refreshing than I nice warm shower after you’ve been on the road for several days.

I went on my way to browse the streets of downtown Flagstaff. The more I walked about the more appealing it became. I felt a small close-knit,  homey feel in a city of 52,000 people. What I admired most was the great outdoor community it represented. It seemed as if there was an outdoor equipment store on every block. Just outside of Flagstaff were the San Francisco Peaks that made the perfect back drop for postcards. Hiking, biking, skiing– I love cities that are minutes away from the mountains.

I stopped in at Late for the Train Coffee Roastery where I found out there was going to be a parade in town. How convenient, I thought and what perfect timing! “It’ll start soon and come past here,” I overhead someone say. I found the best seat sitting right next to the front window. I had the perfect view of the parade, watching from the coffee house while writing my postcards. It was a very picturesque moment. 

I also discovered the Wildflower Bread Company where I bought half a dozen nine grain bagels. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy freshly baked bread.

I probably spent more time than I should have in Flagstaff, but the good thing was I was on my own schedule and no one else’s. Plus, I got to see a parade, take a shower, and eat some delicious bread. I was very delighted with my visit to Flagstaff. Next stop: The Grand Canyons.


One Response to “Day 3: Flagstaff, AZ”

  1. Mary Rezac Says:

    I think I like what was written on the notecard in the program room better. 😛

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