Semester’s End

December 17, 2010

Done with finals–two more semesters to go. To celebrate -I’m working more. The saying, “Americans are a bunch of workaholics” holds true. But I’m thankful for a job. That’s what it is–a job. It puts money in my pocket, it pays for rent, it pays for food. It’s a job, it’s a waiting room for me, it’s not a career. I’m fortunate enough to enjoy the work I do. I just wish for some time to be unattached. One year from now, right after I graduate, I would like to travel around the world–by plane, boat, vehicle, foot, bike, raft, which ever way suits. You know maybe 3-4 weeks, small budget, one backpack–it’s possible. I thought about having another cause for doing this other than dream fulfillment such as raising awareness or project research.
I’ve realized I live in beautiful city, but before I get too attached I want to discover  other cities’ little enchantments.


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