A kind gesture can go a long way

January 7, 2011

These flowers were given to me by an unknown gentleman. His random act of kindness turned my day around whether or not he sensed something was wrong. I appreciate his generosity nonetheless. In our short conversation he talked about how thankful we should be. I think back to Christmas where I was whining because I wasn’t with my family, and there were people out there even less fortunate. This man was buying flowers for his wife, his smile, and character showed as if he were ultimately content with his life.
Long story short, if ever there are moments when someone walks into your life, even just for a short moment, and shines a light, this had to be one of them. I consider a myself a happy person, minus a broken heart. I have my crappy days, but very little do I show it in my attitude and when I snap, it’s at myself.
I’ve started calling myself out whenever I am unhappy, mad, or grouchy because that’s when I start taking things for granted. I’ll just ask myself why am I unhappy. There’s got to be a reason even if it is dumb or not. What keeps me going are the days when I’m completely high on life–when I want to do everything. The more we want [materialistic wants] the more unhappy we become if we don’t get it. Brush all the negativity aside. Go to bed grateful for what you have and wake up the next morning grateful for a new day. Is it weird that sometimes I’m so anxious to go to sleep because I’m excited to wake up early the next morning?
The couple who won the lottery and gave it away to charity were content with their lives. So I find the key to happiness for me is simple: enjoying the little things and being thankful. No excuses, if you want truly want to be happy, you will find a way to be thankful for all that you have.


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