The Possibilities

April 29, 2011


The Power of Words

April 28, 2011

360 degrees to come full circle. Think about how many different ways you can look at something, how many ways to use your words to be compelling. Think outside of your 1 degree view and look at life from all perspectives, all 360 degrees.

Imagine an obstacle course constructed of giant log beams, where you’re walking on cables, traversing across different apparatuses, and going down a zipline like Indiana Jones, got it? Now take this and build it 40ft up in the air. What do you get? A jungle gym on steroids? Close, we call it the Odyssey Course. Not only are you walking 3 to 4 stories high on a wire, but you’re working together with your team to complete different initiatives. Oh, I forgot to mention one crucial thing: you’re wearing a harness, and you’ll be hooked into your “lobster claws” (aka life support). Check out this video. It’s worth every breath of challenge, and excitement.

So one day during staff training, we were out on the Odyssey Course finishing out the top level. It starts to sprinkle (no thunder) and my team is the last group left. Several minutes later, that light sprinkle turns into a torrential downpour–it was raining purple cows and badgers! (just go with it) Instead of panicking (as some people do at the fall of a raindrop), we reveled in the pure beauty of our surroundings…and a very jungle-like setting it was. I used my imagination and envisioned being suspended in mid-air performing a rescue, like a dramatic suspense scene in an action movie, last man/woman standing and what not–overall, epic. Luckily we had a canopy to sit under between different elements. There we were, the six of us, completely soaked, sitting unruffled to the frenzy of a downpour, cool and composed,  taking in the moment, and listening to the rain.

que dramatic rescue scenefriends dancing in the rain :)


April 27, 2011


Best Feelings #95-91

April 27, 2011

95:  The moments when you know a friend has your back

94:  Pilates in the morning

93:  Watching ‘The Office’ Bloopers (they are all pretty much on YouTube)

92:  Self-reassurance after the unexpectedly bad scenarios get thrown at you e.g. your car dying

91:  Taking a candlelit bath after a stressful day and listening to Ray Lamontagne (Yes, Ray is incredibly calming and awesome.)

Big Thanks to Alioune for finding this!


April 24, 2011

“I don’t think people are meant to be by themselves. That’s why, if you actually find someone you care about…it’s important to let go of the little things. Even if you can’t let go all the way. Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone. No matter how many people are around.”

~Scrubs Season 2: My T.C.W.