My black sheep

April 17, 2011

Some Sunday mornings I go out to a park right outside of the city and hike along the trail. The scenery reminds me of hiking along a  tree line of mountains. Yes, I know we don’t have any mountains in Nebraska, but this is as close of a feeling as I can get with the tall evergreens.

Today, I ended my morning hike with some yoga in what I believe is one of the most peaceful, beautiful areas of the park. People get married here. There are the tall columns overlooking a pond surrounded by a lush green vista. It is a place of serenity. There was a the lightest sprinkle that made the pond come alive with every shooting drop. Yellow rose  petals lay on the ground from the evening before…it’s a beautiful feeling.

I was in the middle of doing yoga when I heard this galloping noise off in the distance and then saw this creature behind a grove. It was a black sheep. I had that “aw cool!” moment then proceeded back to my own world. Several minutes later I look up from my pose and straight across the pond about 40 yards away that same black sheep is staring right at me. We’re in a deadlock staring competition for 30 seconds that felt like forever. I found it so amusing, more than anything I just wanted to know what he or she was thinking, and if that moment meant anything. My stare off with the mysterious black sheep.


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