Once there was a girl who promised herself she would travel to breathtaking places and do things she could only imagine doing through pictures and stories. Then she went to college and saw what other people expected of her when she came out, BUT she had other plans. Determined, she set out with her destination in mind and the journey to embrace…and the rest was her adventure.

Here are the places I’d like to venture to over the next year…

#5 Wind River Range, Wyoming

#4 Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

#3 Acadia National Park, Maine

#2  Zion National Park, Utah

#1 New Zealand

photo credit: Jason Law Photography

Milford Sound


**What makes me happy…
_ is not waking up in the morning to drive out here to camp, but seeing the all the kids come out for Outdoor Education
_singing my head off to my ipod on my way to work (especially to Mulan)
_meeting the teachers and counselors from all the schools that come out
_taking off my harness at the end of the day (I feel ten pounds lighter!)
_having kids invite me to their dinner table
_going out to the bridge that goes across the Platte to watch the sunset (yes, I’m a sucker for
_(non-camp related) just plain spending time outside
_Eating a really great scone..mmm
_getting together with old friends

**1 year from now…
_I’d like to have a stable job, fitness training and/or working with kids  [I went back to school for my bachelors degree]
_run a couple more marathons  [check, the Lincoln Marathon every year since 2008!]
_take a vacation out-of-state!!  [yes, trips to Tennessee, Missouri, Minneapolis, and Colorado]
_place top 10 in a 5k  [check! 3x in Lincoln races]

**2-3 years from now…
_Travel, visit Italy, Greece, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland…and the list goes on [haven’t been overseas since 2007]
_maybe, just maybe have a stable relationship  [wow, can’t say that I have]
_Do anything and everything that I want to do!! which includes:
-surfing–go on another cruise–take a road trip across the Country (that could be anytime the gas
down)–learn different types of dancing–go to one of Jackie Warner’s boot camps–….i’ll keep
adding some  [I’ve taken an amazing trip to see Canyonland National Park, the Grand Canyon, deserts in Arizona, camped and hiked a handful of Fourteeners in Colorado and just recently visited the southern Appalachian Region in western North Carolina–always have an adventure in mind ;)]

**Sorry I don’t really have a 5-year plan

**I will soon get over the fact that…
_I’m a romantic [I have my moments]
_I go to the bookstore/ coffeeshop alot  [not so much anymore since I just make my own tea]
_I don’t go to the bars as much as I thought I would after turning 21 [I’ve grown out of that college hoopla]
_Fall is here, but it’s starting to look gorgeous regardless [Fall is one of the most beautiful, exciting seasons in Nebraska!]
_Not everyone will stick around forever  [truth]
_I’m really independent  [it has it’s upsides along with down times]
_I think more from my heart than my head  [found a little more balance, but nevertheless, I follow my gut instincts]

**I really want to…
_start dancing [swing and salsa are on the top of my list, I still need to find people to practice with]
_learn how to make some awesome scones [not so much anymore]
_travel to different cities and do some runs [haven’t done yet]
_become a mentor  [yes]
_get this, I’ve never been skiing! so…skiing  [oh gosh! still need to go skiing]
_try mountain running  [I think I meant trail running, which I really enjoy doing when I’m in the mountains]

**It’s the little things that amaze me…
_Running in the rain
_sitting out on my balcony
_a good hug
_akward moments
_a walk
_a cool crisp morning
_a sweet kiss
_a genuine smile

**I always like to think…
_I never now where I’m going in life, but I don’t care as long as I’m HERE right now
_Things happen for a reason, I can’t control everything, but I can tell myself everything will turn out
for the best.
_Why? Why not!
_Never make yourself miserable. I hold myself accountable to where I am in life, if I don’t put forth
the effort, that’s my mistake. If you don’t like where you are, you can change it.
_Everything goes by so fast, I need to hit the pause button on my life once in a while
_ I am who I am. Don’t hide who you are.
_Whatever I do during the day, it will be worthwhile, fulfilling, and rewarding b/c at the end of the day
I’m going to bed a happy person


Lincoln Vantage Points

July 8, 2012

Lincoln vantage points from Venny Alub on Vimeo.

Labor of Love

July 3, 2012

There’s an invisible magnet that always leads me back to doing the things I love. My past work experience speaks for itself…

  • coaching girls basketball
  • personal training
  • summer camp leader
  • challenge course facilitator

One thing for sure is that I LOVE working with both children and adults. If  you put me outdoors (work or play) I would find a way to spend the whole day (and night-including campfires) whenever I could.

…to CAMP and busting out of my shell

dancing in the rain at camp


“You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go.”

-Benjamin Button