Flashback notes: September 22nd, 2008

July 15, 2012

**What makes me happy…
_ is not waking up in the morning to drive out here to camp, but seeing the all the kids come out for Outdoor Education
_singing my head off to my ipod on my way to work (especially to Mulan)
_meeting the teachers and counselors from all the schools that come out
_taking off my harness at the end of the day (I feel ten pounds lighter!)
_having kids invite me to their dinner table
_going out to the bridge that goes across the Platte to watch the sunset (yes, I’m a sucker for
_(non-camp related) just plain spending time outside
_Eating a really great scone..mmm
_getting together with old friends

**1 year from now…
_I’d like to have a stable job, fitness training and/or working with kids  [I went back to school for my bachelors degree]
_run a couple more marathons  [check, the Lincoln Marathon every year since 2008!]
_take a vacation out-of-state!!  [yes, trips to Tennessee, Missouri, Minneapolis, and Colorado]
_place top 10 in a 5k  [check! 3x in Lincoln races]

**2-3 years from now…
_Travel, visit Italy, Greece, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland…and the list goes on [haven’t been overseas since 2007]
_maybe, just maybe have a stable relationship  [wow, can’t say that I have]
_Do anything and everything that I want to do!! which includes:
-surfing–go on another cruise–take a road trip across the Country (that could be anytime the gas
down)–learn different types of dancing–go to one of Jackie Warner’s boot camps–….i’ll keep
adding some  [I’ve taken an amazing trip to see Canyonland National Park, the Grand Canyon, deserts in Arizona, camped and hiked a handful of Fourteeners in Colorado and just recently visited the southern Appalachian Region in western North Carolina–always have an adventure in mind ;)]

**Sorry I don’t really have a 5-year plan

**I will soon get over the fact that…
_I’m a romantic [I have my moments]
_I go to the bookstore/ coffeeshop alot  [not so much anymore since I just make my own tea]
_I don’t go to the bars as much as I thought I would after turning 21 [I’ve grown out of that college hoopla]
_Fall is here, but it’s starting to look gorgeous regardless [Fall is one of the most beautiful, exciting seasons in Nebraska!]
_Not everyone will stick around forever  [truth]
_I’m really independent  [it has it’s upsides along with down times]
_I think more from my heart than my head  [found a little more balance, but nevertheless, I follow my gut instincts]

**I really want to…
_start dancing [swing and salsa are on the top of my list, I still need to find people to practice with]
_learn how to make some awesome scones [not so much anymore]
_travel to different cities and do some runs [haven’t done yet]
_become a mentor  [yes]
_get this, I’ve never been skiing! so…skiing  [oh gosh! still need to go skiing]
_try mountain running  [I think I meant trail running, which I really enjoy doing when I’m in the mountains]

**It’s the little things that amaze me…
_Running in the rain
_sitting out on my balcony
_a good hug
_akward moments
_a walk
_a cool crisp morning
_a sweet kiss
_a genuine smile

**I always like to think…
_I never now where I’m going in life, but I don’t care as long as I’m HERE right now
_Things happen for a reason, I can’t control everything, but I can tell myself everything will turn out
for the best.
_Why? Why not!
_Never make yourself miserable. I hold myself accountable to where I am in life, if I don’t put forth
the effort, that’s my mistake. If you don’t like where you are, you can change it.
_Everything goes by so fast, I need to hit the pause button on my life once in a while
_ I am who I am. Don’t hide who you are.
_Whatever I do during the day, it will be worthwhile, fulfilling, and rewarding b/c at the end of the day
I’m going to bed a happy person



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