A little about myself…
I’m a recent college graduate who studied hospitality and tourism management. I’m originally from the Philippines, but I’ve grown up in Nebraska (The Good Life 😉 for most of my life–Go Huskers! I now live in Texas with my wonderful husband. We both share racing and cycling as a passion. I enjoy being in the outdoors, running, biking, hiking, camping, and the limitless adventures that nature has to offer. I love to be creative, silly, dance at random moments, sing out loud, and I’m a also a very determined ukulele player 😉  I feel express myself through video, photography, and my blog. I’m an editing nerd, but more than anything I’m in my element when I have a vision and I’m able to create something. Feel free to check out my vimeo page. I enjoy seeing beauty in the moments and capturing them for people to enjoy.

Other interests include ultimate frisbee, teaching outdoor education, facilitating challenge courses, coworking, business and entrepreneurship, TEDtalks, and fueling my mind through reading and podcasts. On the lighter side, I enjoy driving on country roads with no agenda, laying in a field and listening to the sounds of whatever comes my way, and sitting on a patio with a good beverage in hand 😉

I created this blog for me, to share experiences, and most of all to bring out that little voice inside my head. Enjoy!


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Scott Says:

    I stumbled upon you here after bidding on an Apple Mac Mini up for sale on ebay via UNL surplus solutions. At this point I hope I win bid. So while at the page, I took a closer look at UNL links and found your “webcam frenzy” which I loved and then looked at your road trip to a lake in AK via Charleston and tent setup and other adventures. I admire your spirit and energy and creativity. BTW as I watched you I had a notion you had Filipine heritage and it turns out I was right! My wife is Filipina and I laugh every time she sees another Filipina because it’s always like long lost friends or relatives reconnecting or that knowing glance across a crowded space. It’s amazing. Anyway, keep up the good work as you journey along your dreams and best wishes wherever life takes you.
    PS. Great hiking and country roads where we live in upstate NY. Scott

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