Once there was a girl who promised herself she would travel to breathtaking places and do things she could only imagine doing through pictures and stories. Then she went to college and saw what other people expected of her when she came out, BUT she had other plans. Determined, she set out with her destination in mind and the journey to embrace…and the rest was her adventure.

Here are the places I’d like to venture to over the next year…

#5 Wind River Range, Wyoming

#4 Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

#3 Acadia National Park, Maine

#2  Zion National Park, Utah

#1 New Zealand

photo credit: Jason Law Photography

Milford Sound


There are several reasons why I wake up in the morning–being in a cubicle for 7 hours is not one of them. It’s the dream that someday I will be in New Zealand shooting and editing videos of everything, beauty, the mundane and everything in between. To keep my goal in perspective I’ve been carrying around a map of New Zealand with me and saving money. A promise to myself after I graduate: TRAVEL. Deadline to dream=GOAL: New Zealand December 2012.