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November 6, 2015

“You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.” ~Mary Oliver


Photo Grids

August 7, 2015

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Hozier State of Mind

August 6, 2015


just chill..

Short N' Sweet Track Series

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I’m here.

August 3, 2015

I’m tough, but loving

I’m my own worst critic

My favorite color is green and yellow, not together

I admire people who are driven to better themselves and others

I cherish my true friends because I can talk to them about anything at anytime

I have an awkward feeling when I get to close to people, I either like it or don’t

I fall hard, but pick myself up just as well

I’ve grown up to be extremely independent, but nothing beats true, close friends

I respect honesty and frown upon superficial-ness

I believe money is terribly overrated, and will not buy happiness

I’m a nerd, athlete, and creator

Highs and lows from the past race week…


  • I won my first Memorial Crit Race (7-15-15) of the season in the women’s cat 3/4 with a nice sprint breakaway.
  • Thanks to a stem and saddle height adjustment I finally feel like my bike fit is in tune, fast, and comfortable. I had my seat way too high for the past three weeks. My quads weren’t being engaged when riding and I was losing power. Some little adjustments go a long way. People can get religious about saddles, but it makes all the difference. Get properly fit on your bike. Trust me, you should feel ‘like one with the bike’. That’s an amazing feeling.
after the sprint Finish Women's Cat 3/4 at Memorial Park Crits photo credit: Kenny Lim Photography

After the sprint Finish Women’s Cat 3/4 at Memorial Park Crits photo credit: Kenny Lim Photography


  • I got caught in a crash three days later at the Charter Reserve Road Race near Tyler, Tx. With 10 miles (of 36) to go we were tackling down rollers when another rider came close to my left side. She fell into me when I heard her say “on your right” to the other rider. I stayed calm and upright, but saw our bars had hooked and she continued to lean into me. Bam! It happened so fast all I remember was going over the bars. I must have done a good tumble and roll, because I hopped back up ready to grab my bike and chase back on only to find that my front tubular tire was ripped off. I was more upset at the time as I watched the field go away, but as I moved more I realized I needed to gather myself and make sure my body was physically okay. I had road rash on my hip and knees and a little gravel in the elbow and pins sticking out from my jersey. I looked around and saw four other women were down. I was furious, but I knew being mad wasn’t going to help the situation. I gathered myself, checked on the others, and made sure everyone was tended to. My bike was surprisingly okay. I had enough adrenaline going and energy to finish the race with another rider that had minor injuries.
  • Taking care of road rash, bruises, and stiff muscles.

bye bye tubies, hello Tegaderm and heat pad

Racing is exciting and risky. Winning feels awesome. It was cool to see gals from other teams excited about my victory. Crashing makes me frustrated, especially when people get careless. I wanted yell and point fingers but realized it could’ve been more serious. I was fortunate to walk away and live to race another day.